Some possibilities for a new masthead

Gayle has been trying out some new looks and mastheads, based on the old Journal mastheads I sent her plus the list of qualities that we want The Journal to stand for. Publisher John Connolly, Gayle and I all particularly liked the 1904 masthead, so Gayle did some research on it. She discovered that it was a typeface that the Los Angeles Times had adapted and customized.

Based on our feeling that the new look should try to capitalize our long tradition of principled newsgathering in Edmonton, she tried out a number of typefaces that would evoke that 1904 masthead. Here are some of them.

1904 masthead

Electra (this is a typeface we already use for feature headlines)


Kis FB



Electra (coloured banner)

There are some interesting aspects of all of these typefaces (I’ve left out a couple that didn’t work at all for John/Gayle/me). I was particularly struck by how a couple of them echoed the original Evening Journal masthead — take a look at the serifs of the E and the J in Kis FB.

Slavish replication of the early masthead isn’t the point, of course. The key elements are the “feel” — the visual impact — and some practical considerations, such as how well it will reproduce in other settings (that’s why Gayle tried the Electra masthead on a blue background — a Journal hat or jacket is likely to be dark coloured with white embroidery, for instance).

We’ll be trying to zero in on the final choice within the next two weeks, so all feedback is welcome.



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7 responses to “Some possibilities for a new masthead

  1. Drew F.

    I think my votes are:
    #1. Kis FB
    #2. Electra

  2. I like the Kis FB, the Starling, and the Benton.

    But I like the Kis FB the most.

    It seems like a modern version of the 1904 masthead, with the Starling being closest to the 1904 pick, but perhaps not bold enough.

  3. Fish Griwkowsky

    That is a very sexy J in Benton – I think it would be quite striking in any abbreviated EJ logos. Second choice, Elektra, where the J is a sharp knife.


  4. Randy Collins

    As soon as I saw these first possibilities, they reminded me of the Calgary Herald masthead

  5. Sona

    I’d like to see a throw back to 1094 – quite the juxtaposition given the times.
    I like Electra both regular and coloured banner. Any more possibilities?

    • These were the ones that worked for all of us, although there were three or four more. Since we had already honed in on the feeling we were striving for and were looking for something that evoked our historic connection with the community, we did not experiment with other kinds of mastheads that conveyed other messages, such as this one, the Ventura County Star.

  6. Archie McLean

    I like Elektra the best, but they’re all great — I like the idea of subtly acknowledging our history.

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