A new masthead

Thanks for the feedback on qualities and values that represent us. I’ve forwarded these additions to Gayle: responsible, stimulating, fun, entertaining.

She is currently contemplating a new masthead/logo that will represent some of those values, as well as our community. To that end, I have sent her a series of Journal logos through the years. Here is what she is looking at to inspire her; thanks to the person who explained the mythology surrounding the “toxic yellow” logo of the 1980s.

A final observation about the versions of our earlier mastheads you see here. Don’t be alarmed by the fuzzy quality of the reproductions; they were scanned in from the pages of our Journal history book so they aren’t the best quality. We don’t have a receptacle that has all our former mastheads in one place, so that was the fastest way we could think of to give Gayle a historical context.











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2 responses to “A new masthead

  1. I think one thing we need to keep hammering is our brand and our history, how long we’ve been at this, how much institutional memory we have about this city, how credible our work has been for decades and decades, so that’s why I’d go with our new masthead looking like the 1904 masthead.

    Of course, we’re not the Evening Journal any more, but we could use that same type.

  2. Lchodan

    I agree — Gayle has come up with a number of typefaces that evoke that dignity/tradition feeling. I’ll be posting a couple of them by tomorrow, once we have eliminated some of the outliers so you can see the feeling she is trying to convey.

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