Our redesigner

Managing editor, design, National Post

Meet Gayle Grin, who will be leading our redesign project. She brings a lot of experience and a high-profile resume to the task.

Gayle is managing editor, design and graphics, at the National Post and has helped many other newspapers in the Postmedia group with redesigns, including the Times Colonist in Victoria and the StarPhoenix and Leader Post in Saskatchewan.

She is former president of the Society for News Design, an international organization for news media professionals and visual communicators. She was feature design director at The Gazette in Montreal, where I worked with her in the 1990s. When she was at The Gazette, she won a National Newspaper Award in the design category.

Gayle joined the National Post as part of the design group that launched the national newspaper and has since headed that team. She has won more than 170 design awards, including gold, silver and judges’ special recognition for her work at the National Post and The Gazette.

Apart from all of that, she is creative, smart, fun and a great listener. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know her when she gets here.



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3 responses to “Our redesigner

  1. Welcome to Edmonton. We’re all hoping you’ll do great work here with us, and reading your resume gives me a great deal of confidence that will happen.

  2. Gerry Raypold

    Great, looking forward to the ‘new look’ Journal.

  3. Gayle Grin

    Really looking forward to working with you on this project

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