Time for a makeover!

 Our paper anagrams to "Jolted Noun Manor"

Welcome to the Journal Redesign blog, an experiment  to enable two-way communication about an important newsroom initiative: a redesigned print edition.

It’s been more than a decade since The Journal had a significant redesign. We’re working toward a fall launch for a revamped, revitalized version of the print edition. Along the way, I’d like to hear what you like and don’t like about the current design, to hear your suggestions about what our new design should incorporate, and get your feedback about the changes proposed by the architect of the redesign, Gayle Grin, is thinking about.

It’s not just newsroom staffers who can take part. I’d like everyone who works at The Journal to be able to see what’s planned and to have a chance to be part of the discussion. So please join us as we begin the process of breathing new life into the pages of the Edmonton Journal.

Lucinda Chodan

Editor in chief



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8 responses to “Time for a makeover!

  1. I’m heartened that we’re heading in this direction, and I look forward to working with the rest of you on this. Thanks for asking for our input.

  2. Just posting this, so I can get notifications. Forget to check them off the first time I posted.

  3. Donald Allen

    Will the redesign be unique to the Edmonton Journal, or will all Postmedia papers share a similar design?

    • It’s a design unique to The Journal, Donald. In an upcoming post, I’ll be talking about some of the qualities I asked Gayle to think about for The Journal, and asking other staffers for their suggestions.

  4. Elena Modzolevska

    1.As we discussed during Read all over event I suggest to spruce up Sport section with adding colour to the titles. Black and white solution: make it more fun by adding a little cartoon image of hockey player or golf player, etc. next to the title representing given sport.

    2. We can create an image of a funny animal or bird and use it as a signature Journal symbol.

  5. Looking forward to the updates!

  6. Is the logo changing?


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